Job Opennings

Title: Software Developer wanted by BriskPoint Inc. in NYC.

Responsibilities: Consult with clients about their software requirements to develop optimized statistical/machine learning methodologies- including regression, classification, control experiments--based on financial and statistical/machine learning theories. Design experimental hypotheses programs to validate solutions. Implement the validated methodologies into analytical software, to provide clients business forecasting and actionable recommendations on business decisions. Use Python and Excel/VBA to visualize and formulate descriptive results for clients. Utilize SQL to load, transform, and store data into master database management system. Develop and maintain the infrastructure software system to deliver production-grade analysis service.

Requirement: Bachelor's degree in computer, electrical engineering, or related fields. Proficient with Python, Java, C++, VBA and SQL. Send CV to Leon Wu, 5 Penn Plaza 19th FL, NY, NY 10001